Volunteers Most Welcome!

For long-standing fans it hardly seems to need saying that SF conventions only run thanks to the great many people volunteering to help. Though after recent instances which suggest some people aren’t aware of this, perhaps it is worth a reminder. Everyone working on the convention is a volunteer, from the Committee on down. And there is a lot of work to be done. An average Eastercon of recent years has around 800 members of whom around 200 keep the convention running smoothly by helping out to a greater or lesser degree.

You can volunteer for just an hour or for several shifts over several days. It’s up to you and all help is appreciated, from folk lending a hand with putting out chairs or setting up a room for a panel, to helping with the tech for major items, to taking a turn as door security for Art Show or the Dealers’ Room. It’s also a great way to get to know new people.

This is a long-standing tradition of SF conventions and other fan organisations from their earliest days. A much-cherished anecdote has a young author explaining that now he was published he was too important to help out, only to be interrupted by Isaac Asimov emerging from a back room asking for more envelopes to fill.

We have the following Heads of Section working on EightSquared at the moment, in addition to the committee:

Mark Young – Ops
Steve & Alice Lawson – Registration
Alison Scott – Newsletter
Farah Mendlesohn – Dealers Room
Robbie Bourget & John Harold – Art Show
Marcus Streets & John Harold – Gophers
Deborah Crook – Tech
Austin Benson – Green Room

If you want to support them by helping out in any of these areas please fill in our volunteer form, or contact us and we’ll pass your details on. Alternatively, you can volunteer at the convention itself. We’ll be scheduling introductory and briefing sessions, so you don’t have to have any previous experience. An extra pair of hands will always be appreciated.

Volunteering is an excellent way of finding out just what con-running involves, if it’s something you’re interesting in getting involved with in the longer term. Looking forward, 2014 will see Eastercon in Glasgow, thanks to the dedicated and enthusiastic fans stepping forward to make up the Satellite 4 Committee. After that? We’re keen to hear from anyone putting together a bid for 2015.


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