Celebrating Independent and Small Press Publishing.

Science Fiction and Fantasy has always sustained a fine tradition of small press publishing. Furthermore in recent years, the genre has generally led the way in taking advantage of print-on-demand and internet-based technologies, to offer new opportunities for readers and writers alike to connect with each other.

EightSquaredCon would like to offer small press and independent/author-led publishing initiatives the opportunity to show fans what they’re offering over the course of the weekend. However as those of you who were at LX in 2009 will recall, our Dealer Room space is limited. Accordingly, we’re proposing to hold morning sessions in the Conservatory on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, where such publishers can reserve a table to sell their books and talk about exactly what they do, how and why, to interested con-goers.

If you’re interested in taking part in such a session, please email chair@eightsquaredcon.org as soon as possible. Once we know the level of demand, we can arrange the precise details.


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