Too old for the crèche? Too young for the bar? Eastercon and Junior Members.

We are delighted to announce that children’s and young adult novelist Francesca Barbini (F. T. Barbini), author of the science fiction series Tijaran Tales, will be running a writers’ workshop especially for younger writers. You don’t need to bring anything with you, but if you’re between 11 and 18, come along for tips, techniques, guidance and advice.

Across the weekend, we’re putting together a programme to interest members of all ages. Indeed, teenage con-goers will be among those discussing recent films, TV and gaming on panels. With regards to books, we have two panels particularly worth noting; New Classics for Old Fans, where young adult readers recommend some of the latest good books in the field, while Old Classics for New Fans will see some of those who have been reading Young Adult books since before the term was invented recommend early examples, however they were marketed at the time.

We now have volunteers, including more of our teenage members, to staff the Games Room, under the overall supervision of David Cheval, who is also running the LARP. If you’re interested in taking part in that, don’t forget to check out the Ithica LARP homepage and sign up.

As well as the Doctor Who broadcast on Saturday evening, there will be a full video programme running through the weekend.

The volunteers who’ve organised ‘Cyberdrome’ at past conventions wish to take a break this year. So do keep an eye on the Newsletter for informal junior fun such as the recently proposed Paperchain Competition. Details to follow at the convention.


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