Our Programme Goes Up Online – via Sched

Following on from the release of our programme yesterday we’re pleased to announce the launch of our online programme at http://8squared2013.sched.org/

We’re using Sched, which allows you to view the programme and details of individual items. From the ‘Schedule’ tab you can select a variety of view of the programme, including a simple list of items, a detailed list with descriptions and participants, or the ‘grid’ view familiar from our programme guide.

Sched also allows you to set up a personal account, which allows you to build your own personal timetable of items you want to see. It’s accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone, and will be updated to reflect amendments to our programme.

If you’re on our programme, you’ll have already received an invitation to create an account; this will allow you, if you wish, to add details to your profile so that our members can find our more about you.

We’ll still be providing a printed programme guide and paper notification of programme changes. But we’re aware of the demand for an online programme, and we hope that what we’ve put together meets this need.


6 Comments on “Our Programme Goes Up Online – via Sched”

  1. Harry Payne says:

    The link takes me to FaceBook. Is this supposed to happen?

  2. I’ve never used Sched before, but I like it. Easy to set up a personal profile and link to my social networks. Took me a moment to work out how to build my own schedule (click the star on the item in the main programme, if anyone else is wondering). Looks like a good choice.

    • John Dallman says:

      I’m rather less impressed. The option to upload a photo instead of importing one from another network doesn’t appear to work, and it doesn’t seem to be capable of telling me which items I’m on, although it knows, when I find the items.

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